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December 08, 2009

The Blind Side

I, like many other people, have now gone out to see what is currently the number one movie in America, The Blind Side.  It is based on the book The Blind Side: The Evolution of a Game by Michael Lewis.  The book itself talks first about the left tackle and how it would become an extremely important position in football, especially after Joe Theissman's career was ended because his "blind side" wasn't covered.  A big part of the book focuses on Michael Oher, who at the time the book was written, was playing for Ole Miss.  Now he plays for the Baltimore Ravens and was their first round draft pick in 2009.

So the movie is based on the story of Michael Oher.  He was one of those kids who was kind of lost in the system and looked like he had no future until Leigh Anne and Shawn Tuohy take him under their wing and make him part of their family.  That's all I am really going to say about it because to say much more will give away the movie, even if it is known how it ends :-P  

The characters were well played, I enjoyed watching Sandra Bullock and Quinton Aaron.  Remind me to never mess with Sandra if I were to meet her.  I am surprised at how much different Tim McGraw looks when he's not sporting a goatee.  Kathy Bates was good as well, one scene made me go "you bitch!"  The movie itself was also well paced, I didn't feel like any scene was dragging on for too long, and there was enough going on to keep things interesting.  Just be prepared for some emotional moments.

If you haven't seen the movie, go see it in the theaters, it's definitely worth it.  I will be adding this movie to my "must buy" list of DVD's.

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