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December 27, 2009

Thoughts On San Antonio

I had a very enjoyable trip to San Antonio to visit my family this Christmas, I got to see a number of sights, enjoy some good food, meet some relatives I haven't seen in years, and make it a very good holiday.

Last night I got to check out the well known River Walk, and it's definitely something worth checking out once, and taking a boat tour of as well.  There's so much of it though that I will have to come back and hit it up, especially if I can spend a few hours there.  Just have to be prepared for it to be like driving and trying to park in Baltimore.

I got the opportunity to hit a few Chinese places for lunch, liked going to Regent because their Mongolian beef was actually hot and spicy.  Of course I hit plenty of Mexican food places as well.  There are a lot of Taco Cabanas here, which I haven't seen since they vanished from Las Cruces.  If you get a chance though, hit up a Mama Margies.  They make great tortillas and refried beans, plus the one near my parents place is open 24 hours.  For a funny story from today, some of the ladies there were calling my brother Jesus, including saying "Bye Jesus!" as we were leaving.

The one thing that is screwed up though about San Antonio is the layout of their streets.  I can't freaking figure out what kind of madness the city planners had in mind.  There was a lot of relying on the GPS this weekend and even then mistakes were made because roads were not always clear and neither were directions.  Also, they don't light up signs on street lights very well, it's about as bad as Baltimore.  I'm sure that if and when I try to go find a bar to hang out at the next time I am in town, I will make at least two wrong turns to get there.  On the other hand, as much as traffic and drivers can suck around here, I've dealt enough with driving in DC and Baltimore to handle it.

I definitely had fun on this trip, but I am ready to come back to Baltimore as well.  There is a lot to do for me when I get back.  I'll be back though, there's still roller coasters to ride and places to explore.

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