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March 25, 2010

Donut Escapades

At the office we hold a monthly birthday celebration, and this month it was my turn.  I talked with the other co-worker who was coordinating for this month and we decided to hold a breakfast; he would get bagels and drinks, and I would get donuts and cake.  Now usually when donuts come in, they're from Dunkin Donuts, and ya know, that can get to be tiresome, so why not go somewhere else, right?  Well after this morning's adventure I learned it's easier not to mess with what works.

I planned on trying the local Safeway to pick up donuts.  It was on my way to work so it would be convenient and they tend to have a good selection.  Well I walk in there around 7 AM and (I should have taken a picture of this) find that there's a few trays of basic glazed, some frosted, and some cinnamon rolls, which only took up 1/3 of the case.  The other 2/3 of the case were completely blank with no trays in them, just labels.  What kind of place does not have their donuts out by 7 AM?

Hopped into the car and fired up the GPS to find the closest Dunkin Donuts by my work.  As I got closer to the place, I saw there was Shoppers nearby, so I went in there.  Now I will give them credit that they had plenty of donuts in their case, and it was somewhat of a variety, but they were all your standard yeast donuts.  Since I was buying for the office (and needed about 2 dozen), I wanted a bit more than just a bunch of different frostings and sprinkles or lack of sprinkles.

So then it was onward to Dunkin Donuts, however, I would get there and learn that their credit card system was down, and of course I don't have cash on me.  I asked where the nearest ATM was, and the one they knew of was in a closed store.  I figured I'd try one more shot at a store and then I'd break and just hit the ATM.  I drove over towards Giant, but along the way was another Safeway.  I decided to take a shot at this  Safeway.

I walk in to find that their donut case has less variety of donuts, and not many of them anyway.  In fact the top row of the case had Easter decorations, so that says to me they don't sell many donuts.

Final shot, the Giant that just opened near my work.  I walked in to find that there was maybe one row of a few donuts, and a bunch of other pastries.  Lesson learned here, supermarkets suck when it comes to finding donuts.

I hit the ATM inside the Giant and drove back to Dunkin Donuts, got my donuts, and got to work.  I mentioned a bit of this on Twitter this morning and someone suggested Krispy Kreme over Dunkin Donuts.  That would be a fine idea except most of them in this area have gone away.  A search found that the closest location for me is in Rockville, and that is about 18 miles the other way from my work route.  Now that I think about it, I haven't had Krispy Kreme in years.

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