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March 23, 2010

Metro Randomness

Just witnessed one of the funniest conversations I have heard on the Metro in a while. A  couple got on with their kid, who was probably about 6, and then at another stop a young woman got on the train and  she is holding a box of crackers and some sort of salad in a container.  After a few minutes  she notices the kid is staring at her and asks if he is staring at her crackers.  He starts  talking to her, she offers him some, but he turns them down.  Then the kid starts talking  about mice for some reason, and telling her how his classroom has one and he has seen them  running around other places.  She tells him not to mess with those mice because they are the  bad ones.  They go back and forth about this while the parents sit in amusement. He was telling about trying to handle some of the "bad mice" and they would scratch him up  and bite him and such.  You could tell he was making it up and the woman was going along  with what he was saying.  A few of us on the train were trying not to laugh at the  outrageous things he was making up.  As they were getting off the train, dad remarked "You should ask your mom about some of these mice."

Ah Metro riders, they can be a source of amusement at times.

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