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March 16, 2010

Trusting that Feeling

I've noticed something over the last few months.  I would start talking with someone online or I would meet them, and my gut reaction would be to run.  It's odd because this was not something that commonly happened to me in the past, yet I can think of at least three people that it did happen.

I expressed that sentiment a while back on my Facebook, posing the question as to what causes gut reactions to people.  Is it your subconscious reacting based on lessons learned from the past, or does that person give off a vibe that you pick up?  I'm thinking that it's a lessons learned reaction because as I noted above, it wasn't a feeling that would be set off before.  It's too bad I didn't have it before because it probably could have saved me a lot of grief in the last few years.

So now I am listening to it more, the hard part comes when trying to actually run.  There's really no good way to be able to say "You make me want to run screaming out of the room" so I try to limit my contact but that does not always work.  I am beginning to understand why some folks have E-mail addresses to use for certain people, and why sites like "The Rejection Hotline" are so popular.  Even when I have been pretty straightforward with someone that I just am not interested in them, they usually don't take it very well.

It just tells me there are still lessons to be learned at this point, and all I can do is try to do my best and to continue to listen to that instinct, especially when it goes off with a warning.

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