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May 06, 2010

4/9/2010, 17:46, Thalys 954, Amsterdam to Paris-Nord

Heading Out

I am now on the Thalys and I sprung for first-class, which is pretty sweet.  Comfy seats, free wi-fi, and the ability to just sit and watch the city and country roll by.  In the meantime I will be uploading some early photos.

18:41 - 23 photos uploaded, now editing the rest.  Train has been moving, but twice it had to stop due to technical difficulties.  Oh well, on the other hand, free food and booze on the train.  Now, do I walk or take metro when I get to Paris?

19:07 - Been sitting for about half an hour now, train is having issues.

19:12 - Started moving again, I think I will let the hostel know I am running late.

20:06 - Passing through Sihaarbeek, still in Belgium.  I just found the power pots so that means more time to edit photos.  Almost up to yesterday; there is a nice sunset on the other side.  Just hit Brussels, next is Paris!

Also got a late dinner of salmon, salad, cous-cous, and dessert.  It was very good and with all that I got, I should travel first-class as often as possible!

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