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June 15, 2010


So after about a month and a half of hard work on the part of all of us, we performed The Fantasticks at St. Georges.  Everyone did extremely well in the show despite the butterflies that it seemed we all had with actually putting this on for the audience.  One thing that was different for me this time around was learning some basic stage combat for the abduction ballet.  I had never really done combat before, except for a bit of "professional wrestling" in The Bible: The Complete Word of God (Abridged) and that was a comedic fight anyway.  It was fun, though I'd love to learn more.  Maybe I will get that opportunity in the future.

I thought I did well, there was only one night I really screwed up (that I noticed at least) where during one of my speeches, I started to stumble after forgetting part of a line and it was not a good recovery on my part.  Oh well, there's nothing I could have done except keep going as best as I could.  It was just odd to have it happen on the fourth performance rather than the first, but who knows.

I think though if I ever do the Fantasticks again, I would love to play one of the dads instead.  Their songs were fun, and it was hard to resist singing along backstage.  Speaking of backstage, we discovered that with the spotlights that we could see the actors on stage as a shadow play, so we were entertained by following the action that way.

So overall, another successful play on our part.  The only thing I could have asked for was a bigger audience, but ya never know what you will get. 

When it was all over the final day, it was time to strike the set, and it gave me the opportunity to play with power tools.  Several years ago I was given a cordless drill by an ex, which had somehow vanished, so I ran across a one-day online sale at Home Depot and they had a great Dewalt on sale, so I made sure to get my hands on it that day.  I had paid for expedited shipping, and then I discovered that they ship from Hagerstown, MD.  Lesson learned for next time.  Still, what man doesn't like using power tools? :-D

Then we get to the cast party.  One of our tech folks, BS was kind enough to host the cast party, and they had a pool, which was sorely needed in the heat of Memorial Day weekend.  Their dog also likes to play in the water, including jumping in, but he doesn't quite know how to avoid landing on people, much to the detriment of some of the kids there.  For whatever reason he really liked me though, and then was making a game out of swimming behind me and trying to catch me as I would swim across.  Being in there just made me think that I need to start using the city pool near my apartment more often because I do like being in the water.  It is a matter of finding the time to do so.

Also I brought over some kick ass pulled pork thanks to a recipe from BG.  It was a hit with folks and I did share the recipe with a few of them.  However, it became clear it's time for a new crock pot because the stoneware is cracking in my current one.  I will have to start searching and see what is going to work for me.  I am thinking it has to be at least 5 qt, and I am debating if I want to go for one of the bigger oval ones that I could just throw a chicken into as well.  Decisions, decisions.

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  1. Hey, the rumors are FLYING that Six Flag's Great Adventure's Great American Scream Machine will close forever on July 1st 2010 to be replaced next year. I remember how much you loved the ride and figured maybe you could get your last rides before it's too late. See, I'm not the complete dickhead that you think I am.