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August 03, 2010

Mad Men S 04 E 02

My thoughts on the recent episode of Mad Men, don't read any further if you have not seen the episode yet.  If you do so, no crying that I spoiled the episode for you.  It was really good so I had quite a bit to say.

1. That nurse was totally flirting with Don in the hallway. However, I don't know where it could go because of her taking care of drunken Don later, unless she wants to date a man who is like her father.

2. Glenn is seriously screwed up. I think he thinks that because Sally's a child of divorce like he is, she's going to automatically want to be with him. I'm afraid he's going to start doing worse things to get the attention of Sally.

3. I wonder if Peggy clued in that one of the reasons they got the Ponds account is because Freddy's "fraternity" is AA, and the client is attending AA with him as well.

4. Speaking of Freddy, wow, he was a real douche to Peggy. She had a great idea going about Ponds, but he's definitely stuck on the male chauvinistic view that women need to wear make up and look pretty or they'll never land a man. I am thinking his character is going to start turning into one of those folks who because now he's sober, he's going to be a prick because he's mad he can't drink anymore.

5. Don, I could smack you for taking advantage of your secretary. That was one line you did not cross before, and just like I thought, now things are awkward. Am I the only one who thought that she started typing up a letter of resignation or a resume?

6. I hate Peggy's boyfriend, she could do so much better than a guy who seems to only be sticking around because he just wants to get in her pants. He's being like most men of that era and if she's dumb enough to marry him, he's going to try to control her, and she won't be having none of that. He's also pretty stupid, I would love to see how he would react if he finds out he is not her "first" and that she got knocked up.

7. Roger wants Joan so bad, I think he's starting to become unhappy with Jane. That's what happens when you fuck and then marry your secretary.

8. I think we're going to see Don have a flip out about his childhood, or someone else is going to start doing some serious digging on his past and try to blackmail him. That's twice now that people have been asking him about his past and he's not being forthcoming. Now that we're heading into the late 60's and early 70's, we're going to that era of the political scandal and muckraking. In fact, I would not be surprised if Betty decides to get nasty with the divorce and after seeing Don get some fame or good press, go to the newspapers with the truth about his childhood. That or she'll use that knowledge to get Don to give her the house or something else to buy her silence.

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  1. I doubt if Peggy even knows there *IS* an AA. There was no real advertisement for it until the 80's. All anyone could tell was that it was a group at the Y (only Episcopal and Roman Churches had meetings in them, and what it was a meeting of was often obscured by the clergy).

    Don is going to get what he gets. those who the gods would destroy they first drive mad. About half way there.