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July 04, 2011

What Now?

Ahhh, my poor blog, it's been rather neglected as of late.

It would be easy to blame life on this one since I don't spend long hours on the computer at home.  However, I usually would make time to write, even when I was at my busiest back then.  I think it's more of a factor that I've had other priorities in my life, and even other priorities in regards to my writing.  So now the question for me is where do I go with this?  Do I want to continue to write this blog as a record of the happenings of my life, or is it time to take it in another direction?

I say this because lately I've been trying my hand at writing fiction.  Let me tell you, it's one of the hardest things I have done in a long time.  For the last decade or so I have been an excellent technical writer.  If it's an essay or a white paper, I can bang those out left and right.  So when I started exploring other hobbies, why not try writing fiction, right?  It should be easy since you know how to write very well, right?  Wrong.

I've discovered that fiction writing is it's own realm, with a completely new set of rules that I am now learning.  It has been a slow process because it's really easy to slide back into the rules of writing that I have known, but don't apply in this realm.  However, I continue to plug away at it because from the feedback I have gotten, I have some good stories but I need to polish my writing skills.  That part is the biggest challenge, especially with having no formal training.  Although the only way I am going to get better is to practice, right?

So I may continue to keep the life record here as a way to sharpen my skills in that realm a bit, though in this case, it would be non-fiction.  After all, I haven't written much over the last year, which is odd considering all of the neat stuff I've done, especially with CW.  I might also consider putting up snippets of what I am working on, if they are appropriate.  Hell, it might be fun to try some sort of story series, but that might happen on a more advanced level.

We'll see what goes from here.

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