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June 13, 2008

Almost Done

This week has been so freaking busy, thank God I get Monday off.

Work has been me diagnosing and fixing some program issues. As usual the users find creative ways to break my stuff and then I have to fix it. However, I'll admit one was something that I should have thought about but didn't. It does make for interesting E-mails when I report back to my sponsors that the error is both a training issue and a program issue. Such is the life of a programmer.

I have also been attending the Pride events, which have led to some late evenings. Most event have been a hit, the few misses are really more about the fact that I don't care for the type of event rather than what Pride puts on. I'll have a more detailed report next week and it could also serve as a guide as to what to visit, and what to run away from.

This week though can certainly be draining, and I can tell it's having an effect on me. Well okay, it probably doesn't help that I haven't been sleeping as much as I should, but that's more my own fault. Either way, I'll correct that.

Friday night...well, that is going to get interesting. JH (and a few other folks) read my last blog on my thoughts about Christian Soriano and what I would do at the club. At first he was giving me some hell for my logic behind wearing fetish wear, but then he seemed to have changed his mind. As I found out, the reason for that is because he wants to see how people react. Some of his friends want to witness this as well, I think they just want to see if I have the balls to follow through with it. The most hilarious comment this week was after JH telling a friend of his about what I was going to wear (Nasty Pig gear) she said "If I was a guy, I'd totally have a hard-on right now." Glad to know I still got it ;-)

I look forward to Saturday and the parade. I just wish I had my sign from last year, but maybe I'll get a shot at making one again. If you're in the DC/MD/NoVA area and will be attending the pride parade, I'll be walking with St. Georges Episcopal Church. Then I'll be busy with JH and a few others setting up the festival site while y'all are sleeping. Sunday is the festival, and that should be interesting in itself. I can't wait.

Monday is recovery day for me, though if I have enough energy I'll run away to Six Flags America and Hurricane Harbor as well.