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June 13, 2008

Camping Anyone?

Last summer I rediscovered my love of camping...the problem was that I didn't have much equipment, my sleeping bag ended up ruined and had to be thrown away (damn cat!), and I had outgrown my tent.

Well this year I'm much better prepared. I bought a Coleman stove when it went on sale, thanks to the generosity of Brian I obtained a new sleeping bag, and in two weeks, I'll have a tent again!

When I bought my Camelbak last year at REI, I signed up to get E-mail offers. I happened to be looking through my "shopping" E-mail address this week, and their offer was to take 20% off any one item if you ordered before June 12. So I decided to take a peek at the site and see if they had any tents available that were reasonably priced anyway, and get some extra cash off.

I lucked out and found this beauty right here, 35% off already and being able to save another 20% meant that I would be really stupid not to get my hands on it now.

I can't wait to try it out, anyone else interested in a trip this summer?

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