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October 11, 2008

The Original Point

I really should reconsider writing a blog entry at 1 in the morning, not because it fails to make sense, but sometimes if I am tired enough I completely go off of the original point.

In "Companion vs Self" I was discussing the fact that I had extra tickets to events, and that perhaps that wasn't always the wisest move.  The main point for me is that I got way into the mindset that when I go to events, I go with someone, so I end up buying two tickets to things.  I shouldn't be that way.  At this point, it is perfectly acceptable to go to some events alone and I should remember that and only buy one ticket.

Maybe that's why I haven't stayed single for long.  I sabotage myself because for some things I expect to go with  someone instead of by myself.  No more, I am breaking that habit.  I will take more consideration into an event and connclude if its fine to go it alone or take a friend.