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January 13, 2009

Windows Updates Gone Bad

Just got off the phone with my father, who has basically bricked his mouse on his computer thanks to Windows Update.

If you're an XP user and you have a mouse that plugs into the PS/2 port (this may be true for Vista users as well)  Do not install the following update:

Ideacom Technology Inc. - Input - IdeaCom HID Touch Screen (PS/2)  

My dad installed that thinking it was something his computer needed because it was listed on the Windows Update list of updates, and now he can't use his mouse.  System restore is useless as it continually reports to him he can't roll it back.  We've even tried uninstalling the driver from the device manager to no effect either.

So unless you like major headaches, do not install this, it's bad, and it shouldn't even be there if you don't own a touchscreen.  I'm actually staring at the listing for it on my Windows Update right now, and I am willing to bet other XP users are in the same boat as well.

Pass it on...

Edited to Add: It looks like a few folks have located a solution, I am reposting part of their comments below.  Thank you to Anonymous and Steve!

Further News: My dad just reported back that he tried this solution and it worked.  Thanks to those who were able to solve it, since there's only so much one can do when he's across the country and on the phone ;-)

The file should be in C:\windows\system32\drivers\idcphid.sys (it will say under driver info for the ideacom touch screen driver, but leave the other i8042prt.sys driver alone) once you have uninstalled the driver from your windows folder delete or rename the file then restart.
Renaming/Deleting the "idcphid.sys" file under C:\windows\system32\drivers worked apparently.

What I did was rename that file to "idcphidMODIFIED" then uninstall the driver under "Human Interface Devices" in "Device Manager".

After uninstalling the drivers the computer is going to require a restart. Once the restart completes it will find your PS2 mouse again and (in my case) required a second restart after reinstalling a few components (ps2 mouse I'm assuming).