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May 06, 2010

4/10/2010 8:31, Anvers Metro Station, Paris

So I made it to Paris, but not without a few glitches.  After all the train issues, we were 1 hour 10 minutes late.  By the time I got out and got to the ticket machine for the Paris Metro, it was nearly 10 PM.  I tried to buy tickets for the system and that ended up being a disaster.  The problem was that the ticket machine only takes Euro coins.  I didn't have enough coins, only bills.  My next option was to try and run my credit card; no luck. My Mastercard and Visa were both refused despite the machine saying they were accepted.  I think it was because my cards lack a smart chip.

After the machine failure, it looked like I was going to be walking.  I saw a street map at the station, consulted it, came up with a route, and got out of there.  Of course, being completely unfamiliar with Paris meant that I was guaranteed to go the wrong way a few times.  Much like in Heerlen, street signs are mounted on buildings and not always easy to find.

I started by walking the wrong direction to find the Rue de Magenta, but then it was found.  I walked up until I found what I thought was Blvd. de Rouchechauart, but I was not sure until I figured out some of the signs at the intersection.  I got the pleasure of starting from #1 and had to walk to #37, so there was a long walk to get there.  However, I made it in one piece and got checked in.

I got up to my room and found it was dark and someone was already asleep, so I tried to be as quiet as possible and not wake him.  I dropped my bag on what looked to be like an open bed and then took my laptop downstairs to do some work.  I came back upstairs later and passed out, exhausted.

An hour later I was awoken by the other folks who were sharing the room as they had returned.  It turned out I had gotten into a bed that was claimed by someone.  Whoops.  In my defense, I saw the bed was empty, no stuff on it, and did not see the suitcases on the floor at the head of the bed.  Oh well, I moved to what was the actual unclaimed bed, and went to sleep.  I think this is why the hostel has a rule that when you leave for the day/night you're supposed to put your stuff on the bed.