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May 06, 2010

4/9/2010, 16:03 Heerlen to Amsterdam Train

Passing Road

Woke up this morning, got dressed, packed up, and headed downstairs.  I found out we could leave our bags at the hotel so RP and I both did that.  Ran into CG who offered to split a cab with us to CBS since it was close to time for the morning meeting.

We got to CBS and PN let us in.  We played catch-up on some items we did not get to yesterday.  Lots of talk about the future.  The focus was on Blaise 4.8 and CARI, including comments on a wish list we had sent.  I ultimately did not get to present my remarks about CARI but to time constraints, but I talked with LH and RL about some of the CARI stuff I would have talked about.

After the meeting was over (and some good custard and rice pie slices), myself, KB, RL, and RP went to the square and had lunch.  I got a ham and cheese omelet before going to catch my train to Amsterdam.  Now I sit as we pull into Amsterdam.  I spent most of my time looking out the window.  The Netherlands are very green with lots of farmland in-between towns.  It can be a nice sight to see while you are on the train.