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May 06, 2010

4/8/2010, 19:17, Davantis Ristorante, Valkenburg

Wine Glasses

Sitting with RP, RS, RL, JR, and BC.  The server has brought out a sparkling white wine and a salami, bread, and garlic appetizer.  I don't know for sure if this is standard of if they're taking extra care of us since we are a huge group (30+)

The appetizer is an asparagus soup, "dutch lasagna" and a fried smelt (Spiering).  The soup was good, RS said the lasagna was fishy but I didn't think so.  I tasted more of the mozzarella that was in there.  The spiering was good, very crunchy and tasty.  If you're not bothered eating a whole fish, go for it.

White wine is coming, Domaine Gibault, a Sauvignon Blanc.  There's two types of olive oil here, the light bottle is for cooking, the dark bottle is used at the table for dipping bread or drizzling over your food (Note: I would later buy a bottle to bring back).

Salad was flan with celery leaves and dutch shrimp with a Hollandaise sauce.

The kitchen is interesting to see, it's an open kitchen.  One doorway is completely open, and the other one is an automatic sliding door.  Also we observed that most of the staff is very young.  LH said that it is because the owners of this place are young and so they hired young, plus it means cheaper help.  Most of them look to be in their early twenties.

The red wine that just came is a 2006 Casa le Di Valle Chiant Riserva.

Main Course: Veal with spring veggies in a rosemary sauce, and bacon!  Nearly fork tender, and so good.  I must figure out how to make the sauce.

Another waitstaff observation: They wear gloves (fabric) to hand out silverware and glasses to avoid prints.

Another wine, Domaine Di Miselle, a Petit Manseng.

Dessert was vanilla ice cream with hazelnuts, Pineapple with custard, and a rice based cookie.

After dinner coffee and chocolates arrived.  The chocolates are as follows: H (on top) is milk chocolate with chocolate ganache and hazelnut;  dark chocolate shellwith white chocolate and milk chocolate ganache; milk chocolate shell with hazelnuts (on top) filled with caramel, and an almond nougat was also available.

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