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June 28, 2007

Adding Some Fun

If there are two things I like, they're movies, and video games. Mike has had a Netflix account for the longest time and it has worked well. The downside was that he had access to the queue, I didn't. However, that has changed tonight because Brian told me about a way to be able to "split" the Netflix queue so that Mike could use part of it, and I could use part of it. So now how it works is that our three DVDs at a time account now has two queues. Mike gets two DVD's at a time, and I get one. One is better than none at this point, and it's better than having to pay for another account. Already I have added a number of movies to my queue, mostly the last ten discs of the anime series Lupin III since I need to catch up on my Lupin watching (and reading as well, I know there's a number of the manga's I do not own...yet). So if you are on Netflix and want to share queue's, I'm at theblackdog at g mail dot com.

My first movie up in the queue? Casablanca. My dad says I should watch that movie, obviously it has staying power as it has been released and re-released many times. I'll give it a shot and see what I think. There's a lot I have to catch up on in my movie and series watching, now to just wait for the movies to arrive. I'm so going to end up getting our account throttled. The one movie that I am most curious to see? Crash. I want to know if all the bitching that people did about it winning the Oscar for Best Picture was justified or not.

As for video games, I decided to get a Gamefly account as well. Their latest marketing strategy is to ask "Who really wants to pay $50-$60 for new video games?" Plus renting can get expensive, especially if you get into the game hardcore and don't want to return it until you beat it. As a Wii owner, I want to be able to try games before I buy them because they are so new, they're not cheap. Besides that, I can still rent Gamecube and GameBoy Advance games as well so I have lots of options to play. I can only get two games at a time, but that's just how it goes. First up will be Mario Party 8 and Cooking Mama for the Wii. I played a bit of Cooking Mama when I was at Six Flags and it's piqued my interest. Mario Party 8 is for when I go to a party in a few weeks and bring said Wii. I am sure there will be some major hilarity as all of us try to play some of the games drunk :-D

Self entertainment, here I come!

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