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June 29, 2007

Edwards 1 - Coulter 0

First and foremost, I do not like Ann Coulter simply because of the things she says. Clearly she is an attention whore, and too many people have taken her words as gold for far too long. So when I heard that Elizabeth Edwards actually had the guts to stand up for her, I listened to the audio and I was impressed with how it went down. Clearly Edwards was calm and articulate, and Coulter clearly had no comeback. The best line? When Edwards asked Coulter to knock off the personal attacks and hate speech and Coulter responded by saying she would stop writing books, to which Edwards responded "If you can't write [books] without [personal attacks/hate speech] then that's fine."

I hope more people stand up to that stupid cunt and her hate speech, enjoy the video of Edwards laying the smackdown.


  1. It would be nice if more people saw her for the hack she is and if her publishing deal dried up.

    Major Kudos to Elizabeth Edwards for standing up to that stick figure.

  2. I hope that people start reading her books. Ya know, the right wingers are always doing things like burning Harry Potter books, why not just hold a book burning and burn Ann Coulter books?