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July 10, 2007

Catching Up

So next week the final Harry Potter book will be released. I have already pre-ordered my copy, I just have to show up at the local indie bookstore next Friday after my Other Friday dinner to wait and pick it up. To prepare, I'm re-reading Order of the Phoenix and Half-Blood Prince again just to refresh my memory. I have read the first four books multiple times so I'm familiar with them, but the last two I have only read once, so it would be good to refresh. I started tonight and I'm almost halfway through Order of the Phoenix already.

I am eagerly anticipating what's going to happen in the final book. I'm also glad to hear that a number of fan sites and message boards are pledging to shut down for 48 hours to try to prevent spoilers from being leaked out. I know that if I were still on Livejournal I would have been avoiding reading any other journals for a few days until I finished the book. I have a few theories as to what will happen, but I'm just going to shut my mouth about them until I see if I am correct or not.

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