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August 29, 2007

Working Towards Independence

More stuff packed tonight, in this case, DVD's and all of my Nintendo systems except for the Wii. I still need to sit and watch Crash as well on Netflix.

Saturday night I went and got all of my clothing out and took an inventory of what I owned. I then proceeded to decide what I really wanted to keep, and what could stay. Here's how the numbers broke down:

Original Inventory

Dress Pants: 12
Jeans: 5
PJ Bottoms: 7
Shorts: 8
Athletic Shorts: 10
Dress Shirts: 7
Polo Shirts: 22
T-shirts: 54 (WTF?!)
Tank Tops: 4
Long Sleeve Shirts: 6
Coats: 6

New Inventory

Dress Pants: 8
Jeans: 4
PJ Bottoms: 4
Shorts: 4
Athletic Shorts: 5
Dress Shirts: 5
Polo Shirts: 11
T-shirts: 27
Tank Tops: 4
Long Sleeve Shirts: 4
Coats: 4

So overall I cut my wardrobe in half, and the rest will be going to Damien Ministries because they could definitely use the clothing. It's less stuff I have to move later.

Tomorrow will be a busy day for me, but it will also be fun. I plan on dropping off the clothes, picking up my DSL kit, and doing some more packing, along with a quick trip to Six Flags and the Superman roller coaster. I will also be seeing Joshua and Aiko as well. It would be good to see him because on Saturday we did start a bit of dialog which started some processing about where we are now, what we are looking for, and where things could go. However, we had to cut off the conversation because he needed to get to temple, and my cousins were inside the church hall so I wanted to see them as well. Perhaps tomorrow we can finish the conversation. No I am not expecting a reconciliation, but at least we'll be able to hang out and finish what was started on our own time since it's a time where we don't have to be anywhere else within a few minutes.

It will be good to see him, no matter what happens. I do want Joshua as a part of my life, even if it is as just a friend.

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