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September 22, 2007

Customers and Retail Folk Suck...

...or why it took 4 stores to find vacuum cleaner bags!

Seriously, Thursday night was the errand run from Hell. I went and got my bike from the shop, got my Camelbak and then headed to Target to get vacuum bags for the vacuum cleaner that Joshua gave me. Eureka Type U vacuum bag was what I was looking for.

I get to Target and I locate the bags...that's great...except both of the packs have been opened up. I threw them back onto the shelf and walked out of there. I'm sure they weren't poisoned or anything, but seriously, who the fuck opens up a pack of vacuum bags in the store?! They're all marked with the brand name and bag type that they fit. They could have still been good, but it was the principle of the thing, I shouldn't have to buy products that may have been tampered with.

So it's off to K-Mart. No bags for my vacuum cleaner; on the shelf spot where the bags should have been was a completely different set of bags. So clearly some stocker can't read, or they just don't give a shit.

Next it's off to Giant, and this is a long shot because Giant is a supermarket. No bags for my vacuum.

Finally, I go to the Safeway, and they have my bags. Hurrah, right? Wrong. This Safeway is hell when it comes to trying to get through their checkout lines because they always seem to be understaffed. You can go in there and you will find only four out of ten lanes open, and the lines extend to at least 1/3 of the aisle back. So I get the lovely pleasure of waiting, waiting, and waiting before I can finally get out of there and go home. By the time I got home, it was wayyyyyyy too late to even think of trying to clean my house...unless I wanted to piss off my neighbors.

At least I got my damn bags, I bought six of them just so I don't have to deal with that again for at least another year.

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