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September 13, 2007

That Was Fun

So I made sure to take Dax's advice and eat nothing but salad before heading to Fogo de Chão last night. Of course the advice worked as myself and others stuffed themselves silly with meat and more meat. That place is so worth it for a special occasion. However, for my birthday, it may be about eating sushi and lots of it. I was told once by Joshua that there is a great place to get a big portion of sushi in NoVA, I just have to ask him where it is.

Speaking of Joshua, there are plans to have him help me search for a bike. I took a look at buying parts to fix my old bike, and it's really not worth it anymore. Even if I were to buy parts off of Ebay, it's still going to cost about as much as the bike is worth, so it's time for a new one. I want to do more riding anyway so I can save on bus fare.

I have a gripe with the Metro website. I looked at Greenbelt station to see if there was information on bike lockers (if I'm buying a new bike, it's going in a locker, not on a rack.) and all they had was a phone number I could call. So I call the number, and I am basically instructed to leave a voicemail with my name, address, phone number, e-mail address, and station that I am asking about...or for faster service I can e-mail all of this information to bikenride@wmata.com Well why isn't this E-mail address on the website so I can e-mail them for information instead of listening to a recorded voicemail prompt? It gets better though, when I get the auto-reply to my E-mail, they also mention they want an approximate date that I need the locker. Why didn't the voicemail say so?! Besides that, if the rate is a flat rate (which I bet it is) then why don't they just publish that on the site as well? So Metro could stand to improve on how they handle this, especially because DC supposedly wants more of us to stop using our cars.

If the rate is lower than what it would cost me to take the bus to and from Greenbelt station ($32 a month) then I will definitely consider it, otherwise I'm going to have to think about it.

As for another gripe, Pepco has pissed me off because of the final bill I received for the old apartment. August ended up being a higher bill than July's, and it was an estimated reading. I call bullshit on it simply because unlike in July when I ran the A/c every day, I turned off the A/c for the last ten days of that bill, so in my mind, the usage and the rate should have been lower. I put in an E-mail disputing the bill, and currently the bill is under investigation. Supposedly I don't have to pay the disputed amount until their investigation is over, which takes 6-8 weeks. Still, I'm going to call next week and make sure that it's what their system says, because I don't need to be getting a nasty gram next month saying that I failed to pay that bill. I'm also setting aside the disputed amount in my savings so that even if they come back and say "pay it in full" then I will have the money all ready to go.

As for the new apartment, I have everything put away, the only thing left to do is put up my wall stuff, and that will get done this weekend. These walls are practically concrete, so I'm going to have to hammer things in, and considering that I normally get home at 7 PM, that's rather rude to be making that much noise at that time.

I don't know what my weekend is shaping up to be just yet, other than the self-defense class I was going to take has been deferred until December. So now my Saturday is free, I may be doing the bike shopping thing, but otherwise this could also just be a weekend to veg out. Tomorrow night is Other Friday dinner, I'm sure the talk will be about how the restaurant we usually go to is likely to close down within the next few weeks or so. I guess it's time to find a new place to meet.

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