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November 13, 2007


Yesterday was my birthday, which means that there will be an entry coming reflecting on the year, but first it is time to record all that went on.

Basically it was a lazy do what I want day for me. First I was woken up by my parents, so I got to finally open the boxes that have been sitting in my hall for about 2 weeks. I received two sets of Fiesta dishes in the color I had been asking for, which was awesome. I also received a towel with the logo from the recent Broadway production of The Ritz. I played the Wii most of the morning, finally beating Super Paper Mario. Did some surfing on the Internet, randomly decided to check
Ikea to see if maybe the desk chair I wanted in blue-green was in stock, and it turned out it was. After two months of waiting, I finally got the chair I wanted on my birthday, there must have been some luck going on.

So after doing a bit of cleaning and organizing around the apartment, I headed to Ikea and got the chair, then stopped at the UPS store to pick up a package that was waiting for me. I decided to treat myself to lunch at a local Pho place. The Pho was good as usual, I then moved on to the Cold Stone Creamery next door and had dessert.

I came home and chilled a bit before heading to RedRocks for dinner. There I was joined by Brian, Moose, Joe, and Joshua. It was nice to just sit back and chat with friends, enjoy a beer and have some pizza. While the pizza wasn't quite something to write home about, it was decent tasting. I think I kind of like Ella's wood-fired pizza better. The funniest moment came when Joe showed up, he was wearing the exact same shirt that I was. Of course everyone thinks that we planned this, but I swear we didn't!

Dinner ended, and I was given a ride home by Joe, where I ended the night by just chilling out before heading to bed.

All in all it was a great birthday, I got to see some great friends and enjoy some good food as well, and pretty much do what the hell I wanted.

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