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November 13, 2007

What a Sunday

Sunday was a rather interesting affair in the morning at church. First, the backstory.

Back in early August a number of us from church went out to the Texas Roadhouse for dinner. One of the other members likes to pull a prank on an unsuspecting person at the table by secretly telling the waiter it's that person's birthday. In this case, they pulled it on me, so it meant I got to sit on a saddle while everyone in the restaurant gave me a big old Texas "YEE HAW!" At least the waiter was good eye candy to watch while this happened. Either way, it was funny.

Well...the next morning at church, we get to the part where the rector asks if there's anyone celebrating a birthday to come up for a blessing. One of the assistants says "Hey, isn't it Michael's birthday?" She didn't realize that the night before had been a prank pulled on me. So of course I have a moment of "what do I do?" and rather than just saying no, it's not, I decided to run with it. So I got up and ran with it, and got the blessing. Meanwhile, others who were in the know that the night before was a prank were just trying not to laugh. Hell, later on I was trying not to laugh when I was taking communion. Eventually we tell the rector that it had been a mistake, of course I catch some Hell for it, and since it's church, word of how I had pranked the rector spread, and it became a running joke. For many a Sunday, whenever the birthday blessings came around, I would get some kind of a look or acknowledgement from the rector or a parishoner.

So, we get to Sunday, November 11, my birthday is November 12. The birthday blessing comes around and of course I go up, which gets everyone going, especially when my rector asks for my ID to prove that my birthday really was the week of November 11. I pull it out, she looks, then a parishoner catcalls from the audience "Where's a birth certificate?" So I walk over to my chair, and hold up high my birth certificate. The whole parish starts laughing at this, and so I bring up the certificate, and finally the blessing is done, and I got a hug from the rector. Boy she was being a good sport about it.

So that was a good way to start off the day. My plans for the afternoon were to go to Baltimore to visit Dan and Rob, where it would be an afternoon of beer, football, and Wii. Before I could do that, I got a knock at the door. It was my friendly neighborhood Census Field Rep (FR) coming by to conduct the CPS, since I had been tapped to be a respondent for the survey. So, we got down to the survey, and he gets to the employment questions, and of course I'm asked if I work for a public or private industry, then that I work for the federal government, and of course, what agency. As to be expected, I answer "Census Bureau" and the FR gets this look on his face and cracks up laughing, especially after I said "Yes, I work for HQ". He tells me that he suspected something because he had seen my tote bag, which had the word Blaise, which is the name of the survey software. So it made the interview a little more entertaining.

Eventually that finishes and I head up first to Corridor Wine to pick up some beer for the afternoon. Seriously, keep me away from the microbrews aisle because I will pick up quite a few varieties. At least they were all good. So I finally headed to Baltimore, got to watch the Redskins fall apart late in the game, then watched the Ravens get their asses handed to them. It was a painful day for watching hometown teams. I also tried Guitar Hero III for the Wii. It looks like it's fun, but it's hard to play. I failed every easy song I tried, but I think with practice, I would get it. Played a few other games, then watched The Simpsons, Family Guy, and American Dad before finally taking off for home. Of course, now I have another sentence I need to work into a conversation....I'm getting fed up with this orgasm!

Got home and just chilled for a bit before finally heading to bed.

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