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November 29, 2007

Loving It

As I mentioned previously, I got my DS this past weekend and I absolutely love it. I'm glad I waited to get it when I did. I'm totally addicted to playing Zelda: Phantom Hourglass. It takes a while to get used to the controls because basically you move Link by dragging the stylus around. The only issue I have with the controls is that because Link's walking speed and direction is determined by where the stylus is and how far away it is from Link, if you're close to a door on the edge, sometimes the stylus is too close to him so he doesn't move. Still, I give them creativity points for coming up with this because it makes the game different.

I also bought Brain Age to have something to do. Currently my brain age is 68 because I took way too much time on the test they use for measurement. It's the test where they will show you the word Yellow but you're supposed to read back the color of the text and not the word itself. Yes, the microphone does figure out what you answer. Now that I'm getting the hang of some of the exercises on the game, I am thinking it will go way down. I've also been working the Sudoku puzzles that are on the game as well when I'm on lunch or on the train.

There is one issue I have right now with those who make cases for the DS. I tried to find a case that I could use to carry my DS and games, and I just want something to hold my stuff, I don't need anything very fancy. The problem was every single case I looked at had "Nintendo DS" or something similar plastered on the front or side of it. To me, I might as well be carrying a flashing "MUG ME!" sign because anyone can see that you're carrying a DS. If the case didn't have the patches all over it, it was open enough on the sides that someone could figure out "Hey, he's got something expensive, get him!"

Oh well, currently my DS now sits in a very nondescript camera case, and if it's not in a zippered pocket with me, it's in my bag.

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