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November 06, 2007

Toe Tapping Violation

Toe Tapping Violation, originally uploaded by theblackdog2071.

Here's a photo of me dressed as Sgt. Dave Karsnia of the Minnesota Police for Halloween. He's the one who busted Senator Larry Craig in the now infamous airport bathroom.

It was taken at a party I was invited to the Saturday before Halloween. I took Joshua with me and we headed out to Ashburn VA to meet up with Dax, his hubby Rob, and a number of the folks that Dax works with.

I have to say, we had an awesome time there with a lot of great conversation, and of course, all the craziness that goes with a Halloween party. We were there until about 3 AM before finally heading home. I was being the DD that night, so no crazy alcoholic antics from me to report.

Actually, I saw a very good reason not to drink as I drove Joshua back to his house. Three lanes of the beltway were blocked off with emergency vehicles. As I drove by the clusterfuck of vehicles, I saw that they were all around an SUV that was flipped over in the middle of the beltway and all the windows were shattered. To complete the scene there was a beer box and cans of beer lying by the SUV as well. It suggests to me that it was a drunk driver, but I have been unable to confirm it. I searched the Washington Post, WTOP, NBC4 and other news sources trying to find any sort of a blurb about what happened, and of course there was nothing.

I hope everyone was okay.

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