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November 07, 2007

Saturday Night Dramafest

When I broke up with Mike the comment from my dad was to make sure not to date a queen. I learned this past Saturday that at times you shouldn't even be friends with one, or many.

*background: Ty is an ex of Joshua, and he's dating another Josh, for the purposes of this story, he will be known as Josh 2*

There were some guys I knew from around Annapolis, I hadn't seen them in a while so I invited them out to go bar hopping in DC. The plan was to meet at Zorbas Cafe in Dupont Circle and then go from there. So I'm heading down to DC and I get a text message, they're running late. Okay, no biggie. I get to Dupont, it's early so I head over to Lambda Rising figuring I'd browse until they told me they were at Dupont. I get another text, they're on 50, and oh, by the way, Ty and Josh 2 are joining us for dinner as well, and they're already there. So I'm thinking, "Great, this is going to be awkward, should I just leave, or suck it up and deal with it?" I chose the latter because I'm not going to have someone like Ty ruin my night, even if he basically doesn't like me. I take a walk up the block and back because it was a nice night.

So I go over to Zorbas and there's about 30 minutes of a bit of awkward conversation before the other boys finally arrive, and there's the usual catching up on stuff. Then as it goes on, the conversation gets really weird. One starts talking about this porn that he sent to Ty, and that there's this felching (NSFW Text) scene that was just so hot. So of course there's graphic discussion going on about various sexual practices along with what people like and do not like. I'm already on the verge of vomiting because of the felching discussion, and the last thing I really want to do is discuss my sex life and what my preferences are in front of Ty, because quite frankly, he and Josh are the type of people that if you want everyone in DC to know something about you, you tell them. About this point I should have sent someone a text begging them to call me and tell me their cat exploded or something just so I can get out of there.

So finally dinner ends, the first place to go is to Be Bar. Basically Be Bar is like one of those "classy" video bars that serve overpriced martinis that are so sickeningly sweet that you're just asking to make a sacrifice to the porcelain gods later. It really wasn't my scene, I like watching music videos, but I don't care for the "We're trying to look like the Queer Eye guys decorated our place" type of bar. Either way, so eventually we leave, it's too early to go to the Green Lantern, so they opt to go to the Eagle.

Anyway, so we get there, and basically I'm just hanging out drinking a beer and people watching, and they're around of course. I do get into a discussion with a rather cute tattooed guy and have a discussion about his tat's and also his nipple piercings. Mostly it's a curiosity thing because I have considered getting them pierced, but after talking with him, probably not since I could lose sensitivity. Either way, I'm pretty relaxed and just going with the flow.

So eventually these boys want to leave. So we're gathered over by upstairs and I basically say "Okay then, let's go" and I head downstairs. I wait, and I wait...I head outside to return a phone call to Joshua, and I wait, and I wait, and I wait, and I wait some more. About ten minutes later I get this text message "Where are you?" And so goes the following text conversation:

Me: I'm outside waiting for you, what the fuck is going on?
X: We had to collect
Me: What the fuck is going on, he was right there with us when I was inside, you wanted to leave, so I went outside.
X: Well maybe if you hadn't bolted out the door, you wouldn't have had to wait
Me: You know what, fuck you guys. I'm not putting up with this shit of you wanting to leave and then you don't show. Pick up your booty call and go home.

So then I left, hopped on Metro, and headed home. Next time, I'm either going out by myself, or I'm going to be much more choosy about who I head out with. I don't want or need any fucking drama queens in my life.

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