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November 18, 2007

Twenty-Four to Twenty-Five

So just over a year ago I hit the age of 24. Boy what a hell of a year it turned out to be. I think anyone who has known me over the past year would not disagree with that statement.

The first quarter of the year started out fairly normal. I did get a Nintendo Wii, which turned out to be one of the best purchases I made. I love playing it, and now with a Gamefly account, I'm able to try games for as long as I want before buying them. Work would have a moment of upheaval as one of my co-workers who was also a good friend of mine decided to leave. It meant that I took over a majority of the projects he was working on. This left me in a moment of panic because one project was written in Visual Basic, and I had never touched VB, so it meant that I had to give myself a crash course in VB so that I could take on this project and keep it going. As it turned out, I did just fine, and in fact would later solve a major problem plaguing this application, which will save hours of headaches for field reps and tech support alike.

Second quarter, that's when things all changed. It started with a trip to Connecticut to visit my family, with side trips to NYC and Boston. Those were fun, but it also spelled the end of my relationship with Mike as some of his behaviors forced me to face some realities. I broke up with him in early May, with the intention to just be roommates since it was easier financially. However, this wouldn't happen.

This summer I met the man who would bring out a number of rediscoveries and changes in me. I'm a better person for that, but that will be detailed at another time. I also quit using my old blogging service, LiveJournal, and moved over here to blogspot. Don't bother digging up the old blog, it's been locked down. I find I don't miss it, that place is a lot like high school in that people stop caring about the content of their blogs and start caring about who they are "friends" with. I fell into that trap myself, but now I'm out of it.

As for work, I was promoted, and a good part of it was in recognition of being able to step up and take over when my co-worker had left. It was a well-deserved promotion and from the review that have come up since then, I have only gotten better.

To round out the end of the 24th revolution around the sun, I moved into my own place. That right there would have to be the biggest event of the year. Thank god for the person who fucked up and didn't apply for the apartment here because I was able to snap this place up and get the fuck out of dodge. It was also nice to see that I had about eleven people help me move, it made the work easier and it got done faster. From talking to other people, it speaks volumes about how many care for me.

So now I'm here at a quarter century and it feels like the start of a great new adventure. I've started running again, changed my diet for the better, visited a lot more of DC, met some great new people, reconnected with some friends, and discovered new things about myself. I'm wiser and stronger; I've become more assertive, which does piss some people off because they are being called out on their bullshit, but fuck em, I don't need them in my life. I am happy with where things are going now, and I know they're going to get better. I can't wait to see what this next year holds.

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