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December 31, 2007

Billick is Gone

Ravens Fire Billick

I'm honestly not surprised by this, the Ravens had a horrible season. A big factor was simply because most of our key players were injured. However, Billick made some really boneheaded decisions in who continued to play. Kyle Boller was nowhere near ready to be a starting QB, and yet Billick put him in every single time, and continued to play him even after he would throw turnover after turnover in a game. After watching Troy Smith play the last two games, he should have been in there for most of the season, then maybe we wouldn't have had a 5-11 record and a 9 game losing streak.

I admit it's a real shitty game that Steve Bisciotti is playing by first saying he had confidence in Billick, and then turning around a month later and firing him, but considering that at least half of the city of Baltimore wanted him gone, I guess he may have caved in. Rumor has it that all of the coaching staff has been fired except for Rex Ryan, but I haven't found proof of that one. Of course, their offensive coordinator did just take a job to be the head coach for UCLA...

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