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December 31, 2007


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I have to admit, one advantage of dating a guy who manages a hotel is that when he has to be the overnight manager on the weekend, he ends up staying on the property in one of the rooms. Be nice to the boss, and he scores the presidential suite if no one else is using it.

That was where I got to spend my weekend, hanging out with JH in the presidential suite at his hotel in Baltimore. If you take a look at the photos I posted, you can see the taste of luxury I got this weekend. Believe me, when you've basically stayed in Motel 6's and Super 8's your whole life, this is a big treat.

I went up there Saturday afternoon and got to chill out in the room before JH came off of shift. We had an early dinner down in the restaurant before he took a nap and I went looking for a jewelry store to see if a bracelet could be repaired. Unfortunately that was a failure as the two addresses that I pulled from Google Maps were dead ends. One place was actually an estate buyer, and the other had gone out of business. On my way back I passed a place on Charles Street that would have worked...if they weren't closed already. I'll just have to search locally I guess, or go back later.

Got back in and we hung out for a bit, including using the jacuzzi tub, before going out to the Mt. Vernon Stable and Saloon for dinner. I had the thai wrap, and it was decent, but could have used more spice. We headed over to the Hippo and had a drink before all the smokers drove us out. God I can't wait until the statewide ban takes effect.

Back at the hotel we talked for a while before heading to bed, but the minute that we crawl into bed (2 AM), the phone rings and JH has to go downstairs and take care of a crisis. He would not come back until 7 AM, where he would crash out while I got up and headed to church.

Sunday morning was the Lessons and Carols service, I was doing a reading as well, and was thanked for it. I got to hear from Rose about how much Carol was enjoying the new Wii, and apparently Carol now thinks of me as sneaky since I managed to slip that one right by her. Gotta thank Costco for being able to even find one to slip to Rose in the first place! A few of us had a discussion about the upcoming NYE party in Greenbelt, but that's not where I am going to be tonight.

I headed back to Baltimore in the early afternoon and woke JH from his nap. We went down and grabbed lunch before coming back up to relax. Since the Ravens vs Steelers game was coming on that afternoon, there were plans to watch it. However, JH decided to ask if I would be willing to watch the game at his parents house in Pasadena. I agreed without hesitation because I know that they have been asking about me, and meeting parents does not make me nervous.

So I got over there, met the parents, we watched the Ravens beat the Steelers, which was a great way to end the season, but to make up for how the game went on JH and I's first date. The first time we went out was when the Ravens and the Steelers played this season, and the Ravens got stomped. Still, the Ravens won, and that was freaking awesome because Pittsburgh sucks.

After dinner and the game, we headed back to Baltimore and crashed out at the hotel. The next morning we got up, JH went to work, and I got myself cleaned up and headed back home to Greenbelt. Today I used this time to catch up on picture uploads, DVD's from Netflix, and of course, blogging.

Tonight I will be in Philadelphia watching Artie Lange perform for NYE. 9th row baby, can't wait! I'm sure tomorrow will be spent recovering from that show. Too bad that I can't take a camera, something tells me there will be something photo worthy happening.

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