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December 17, 2007

Changing up Exercise

Let's be honest, it's too damn cold to be outside running when it's dark, especially when you come home and it's 34F.

I've been slacking a bit about the diet and exercise but I'm climbing back on the wagon in some creative ways at least. For the diet I'm just making sure to push up the vegetable consumption. Lately for breakfast I've been on a kick of eating a toasted bagel with organic peanut butter. The reason for the organic stuff is because it doesn't contain any hydrogenated oils in it. Actually I find I like the natural stuff better.

I'm still working with the boot camp DVD's, which are helpful, but since I can't run, I need something to do for cardio. I'd consider a gym but I am waiting on that until I have more of the discipline to stick to a routine of exercise, because clearly with the fact that until tonight I hadn't done any major exercise for about a week, I am not there yet.

Some of you might laugh at what I now do for cardio, but it seems to be working. I dance, in this case, using DDR: Mario Mix. I was able to find a copy that came with the pad on Ebay and picked it up. Take about 20-30 minutes on that and the game calculates that I burn at least 200 calories, I think it's a bit more since they're basing it on the number of arrows I hit, but I'm doing more than just standing there and tapping the arrows with my foot. Once I've mastered this game, I'll pick up the new DDR for the Wii since my old pad is compatible with it, plus if the game allows for both types of pads at once, it could mean some friendly competition around here *evil grin*

What I can say is that I've noticed that my body is being re-shaped, and that's what I'm going for, to drop some of the fat off and flatten some areas out. The resistance training is helping with my arms, and I know once I am more disciplined, I'll move on to weight training, but for now, this is what is working.

Besides, it's nice when your pants feel loose :-) I'm debating if I will go as far as to run a half marathon just yet, I may push it back until later in the year, when I've had more time to train.

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