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December 22, 2007

Merry Christmas to Me

Today has been a day of errands, I picked up packages at the UPS store and went shopping for JH. I tried Modells because I heard they were having a sale, but they didn't have the items I wanted. So I was heading for the parkway to go into Baltimore when I decided to try the Sports Authority to find what I was looking for. I found what I was looking for, and I know he will like it, I'm not saying what it is here since he reads this blog ;-)

If you're a Baltimore Ravens fan, the Sports Authority in Laurel (and probably other ones as well) have a 30% off sale on all Ravens merchandise, including jerseys, from what I saw, you're looking at being able to buy an authentic for $70 and a replica for $52.50. The sale runs through Jan 1, so if you need a last minute gift, or you just want something for yourself, consider buying in the next week. I may see if I can score a coupon from them for after Xmas for even further savings.

Anyway, so I then dropped by the Bottom Dollar because I knew they had a sale on frozen veggies, 1lb bags for 50 cents so I stocked up since I should be eating more veggies anyway. I grabbed a few other staples and headed out the door.

I decided to make a stop at REI to check out prices on a Coleman stove. First of all, I need a gas burner so I can use my wok; second, I love camping, and I grew up with my parents always using their Coleman propane stove, in fact, they still have it 25+ years later because those things are meant to last. My only criteria was that it has to be Propane, I will not use one of those "dual fuel" stoves. Target had a Coleman propane stove for $43, and it was pretty nice, in fact, REI had the same one for $46. However, they also had a different model stove on sale for $39, guess which one I picked up? The best part? The Coleman website is selling this particular stove for $64.49. So I scored a deal and as soon as I get my hands on a new tent and sleeping bag, I'll be all set to camp again.

Now that the dishes are done and the steak is ready to be turned into a burrito, it's time to finish here. Tonight I'll be seeing JH for dinner and then going to a holiday party. Tomorrow I'll be visiting my cousin and some of her kids and grandkids.

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