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December 21, 2007

A Fun Mental Break...And News

After all the crap I put up with on Friday, Monday, and Tuesday, I was so freaking glad that my AWS day came along. Whoever came up with the idea of the flexible schedule hit upon a good thing because there are days where my AWS become mental health days, and I don't have to spend any leave to get that.

So Tuesday night after work I went out to see JH, and finally got to see his house. We went out and had dinner at Annies, and saw the Christmas lights display at the Capitol building. After Annies we went over to D.I.K. and I met a few of Joe's friends. It was also karaoke night and there were lots of holiday songs, so I decided to sign up and sing my favorite song, "Sleigh Ride." I actually don't consider that song a "holiday" song, it's really a "winter" song since there's no reference to holidays so it could be sung at any time in the winter. Anyway, I certainly got the bar going as JH can attest. Eventually we headed home since I was pretty worn out, and so was he.

Wednesday we were up late, and headed over to the Baltimore Aquarium. I have to give Baltimore credit for having good pricing on their light rail system and a decent schedule. If I need to go into the city and it's not to visit Rob and Dan, I'll just take that instead of driving in. I have never been to the aquarium in Baltimore, so I wasn't sure what to expect. JH has been there in the past, so he could see a difference in exhibits; he had not seen the Australia exhibit, so that was something new for him. After a few hours (and plenty of pictures to be posted later) we headed into Little Italy for dinner. We shared calamari and I enjoyed a pesto pasta while he had a sampler trio of dishes.

As we headed back to the light rail, we decided to cut through the indoor mall at the inner harbor when some sale tags caught JH's eye at the local sports store. They were discounting a number of Ravens jerseys so we went in, since I was looking for a more authentic jersey. There was one that was a steal (Marked down to $60 from $100) and it was a mix of replica and authentic (numbers were sewn on, etc.), but it was too big for me. However, they were selling replica jerseys for $65, so I ended up picking up a Todd Heap jersey, which I wore to work today.

Light railed back to North Linthicum, and then a ride back to Greenbelt. It was there that a serious discussion was had and some decisions were made. I've been dating JH for the last seven weeks, and I've enjoyed the time I spent with him. I've been taking things slow with him and really working to get to know him because I wanted to see very clearly what he was like. I have had a bad habit of moving too fast into getting serious before I really got to know the person, and I paid for it big time. This time I decided I was going to keep things casual and if it panned out, great, if not, move on. Well JH is still here, he respected the fact that I wanted to take things slow, and he has not put any pressure on me. He's cute, we have things in common, and he's pretty easygoing, so really, the last seven weeks have gone well. We see one another about every five to six days and that works for us, we like being with one another, but we also like having our own time and space. I'm saying all of this because I've decided to make things a bit more serious and be his boyfriend. That's right dear readers, I'm off the market. I like him, he likes me, let's see where it goes :-)

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