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January 31, 2008

Living Openly and Honestly

In an earlier post about new years resolutions, I mentioned that I preferred to make resolutions throughout the year and re-evaluate them on a continuous basis. There was one that I had made long before the new year that I haven't written about, but it does deserve some discussion. I resolved to be more open and honest about who I am and what I'm thinking.

One thing that used to make me crazy on my old blogging platform, Livejournal, was how easy it was to hide certain things from certain people and basically be able to write different posts for different audiences. I fell into the trap of writing about what I thought people would want to hear that wouldn't piss them off and cause drama. Eventually I felt so trapped about what I felt that I could write that I just quit, I burned out, I thought I was basically done with blogging. However, after I walked away I discovered that I loved to write, but I didn't love the platform I was writing on. I put in far too much energy caring about those who I had "friended" on LJ and what they thought of what I wrote about. To put it in simple terms, there was way too much baggage over there. Of course, looking back on it, it's clear that Livejournal is a freaking drama magnet, period, and that will never change.

The thing that attracted me the most to Blogger was the simple fact that there are really no filters, either you publish an entry for everyone to see, or you don't. There is the option to restrict your entire blog to certain readers, but they all have to have Google accounts, and it's just the one list, that's it. So I decided I wanted to just write about whatever the hell I wanted, and my writing here clearly reflects that. If it's something I cannot say to the face of my parents (who do read this blog), it doesn't belong here here. That's the only baseline I have established. Otherwise for me it's basically the freedom to write without all the baggage.

So that's a big tenant of being more open and honest, but I am also doing it in other ways. JH and I are very honest and straightforward with one another about things that are going on and we're more willing to say something, even if it's not something pleasant. There's no secrets between us; there's a subject or two we don't discuss because it can be squeamish (I have no problems talking about rather graphic medical things) but otherwise, we'll talk. I'd rather be honest and have the uncomfortable conversation.

So here's to an open, honest, and fairly drama free life.

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