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February 03, 2008

What A Weekend

It has been a rather busy weekend, but as usual it was fun.

Friday night JH picked me up from work to head up to Harrisburg, PA to visit his friend Doug and meet his new boy. Since it was late enough in the day, we stopped off at Anns Dari-Creme for dinner, home of the infamous double dog. The food there is so bad for you, but it's oh so good. The last time I was there, I had their cheeseburger sub, this time it was the double-dog for me. If you ask for everything on it like I do, it comes with chili, relish, onions, and mustard. Yum! Of course I had to have a shake as well, this time it was an orange shake, which tasted like a creamsicle. Oh so good.

We got up to Harrisburg and met with everyone and hit a few bars for some drinks and conversation. Eventually we crashed on the sofabed at Doug's house. Apparently I steal blankets during the night. Of course, being asleep, I never notice I'm doing that. But I digress. We got up in the morning and after breakfast headed out towards Baltimore. We made a side trip to Hershey Park to see some of the coasters in the daylight since the last time I was there, it was dark. We made record time back to Greenbelt and headed to a late brunch thrown by some folks I knew in the community. A friend of mine who had moved to Vermont was back for the weekend, hence why there was the late brunch. We were around for a bit talking and catching up before heading back.

JH and I had a power nap before getting up and going to my church's Mardi Gras celebration. It was awesome in that there were lots of people there to chat with, and the food was great. It was your usual southern fare, hush puppies, succotash, tilapia, and of course, jambalaya. Along with the dinner and other fun, there is also a silent auction of various items such as baskets of goodies, bottles of wine, and even trips out of town. I ended up winning a fondue set basket. It came with an electric fondue pot, marshmallows, bread, chocolate chips, and a big fondue recipe book. JH and I are going to have a lot of fun with this, and it gives me an excuse to throw another party. As if I needed one of those anyway.

After the party we went out to PW's Place and had some drinks. I ran into another couple I knew, Tim and Chris, so they got to meet JH as well. Eventually we headed back home since I had to be up the next morning for church. The service was good and it was our annual meeting afterwards, so we elected a new Vestry and heard some reports.

I got home and did some laundry, and since it was such a gorgeous day, I hauled out the bike and went on a 4 mile run around the neighborhood. I can't wait for the warmer weather to come just so I can ride more often.

JH came over and we headed over to Dan and Rob's house for their Superbowl party. Can you believe what happened in the 4th quarter?! WTF?! Otherwise it was a good time of watching the game and enjoying Swedish Meatballs. I should also thank Dan and Rob for having Cheeto's there because I had been craving those lately, so I was able to indulge that craving as well :-)

Now I'm just chilling here at home, after blogging this it's definitely time for a shower and bed.

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