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January 16, 2008

Mind Your Own Damn Business

Years ago I used to belong to an online message board known as CustomersSuck.com. The story I am about to relate below is a perfect example of something that would land on the boards.

Background: JH and I were over at his parents house Friday night playing poker (I lost $20, oh well, I stayed in a good amount of time considering I haven't played any form of poker for a few years :-) ) After JH and I busted, we decided to head out to the Hippo in Baltimore for a drink. We were there for a bit before heading to get a bite to eat. We were going to go to The Paper Moon, but that place was packed, so we went to The Honeybee Diner.

At our table, JH and I were sitting on the same side because there were some TV's on, and we were watching the shows. At the table next to us were some customers who normally would have never even registered on my radar, but some of their later behaviors would change that.

So apparently one of their entrees did not turn out the way they wanted. The waitress was being apologetic and took care of things, but they continued to talk shit about her and pretty much were pricks to her the rest of the night. As they're getting up to leave, the husbands go up to pay and leave, but the ladies are standing there near the counter and then they apparently notice JH and I.

At this point JH and I are in conversation, I'm facing towards him so these ladies were not in my line of sight, however, JH notices that they're staring at us and then apparently start pointing, whispering, and laughing. He looks right back at them and says "You got a problem with something?" They freeze, and then make a beeline for the door, with one of them making a sort of comment about "having a bad day"

Now mind you that JH and I are just sitting there talking to one another. We're not doing anything to make it obvious that we're a couple, such as holding hands. It would be one thing to have them start staring at us because JH and I are busy sucking face, but it's another when two people are just sitting there in conversation. There was no good reason for the staring and the pointing. I don't stare and point at other people sitting at tables, but maybe I should start doing that to straight couples just to see how they would feel.

JH said they were lucky I was between them and him because he would have gotten up just to intimidate them with his size. Actually, they're lucky I had my head turned because if I had noticed, I probably would have said "You got a problem with something you dyke bitch?" Yes I know they were straight, but if they're going to point and gossip at us just based on appearance, then all gloves are off.

I'm glad that JH noticed and said something, maybe they'll think twice before pulling a stunt like that because people like us will notice and call them out.

I still think they probably stiffed the waitress on her tip, we made sure to give her an extra nice tip for putting up with their shit all night.

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