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January 16, 2008

Well #@$%!

I know this is old news, that's what I get for having a life, or as JH joked last night when he mentioned I hadn't written on my blog in a week, "How dare you spend time with me and not your computer!"

I saw that Bill Richardson dropped out of being a candidate for U.S. President, and I am rather disappointed. I have pretty much said all along that if I were to make a decision in the primaries based on a snap-judgement of "experience." I would go with Richardson. I lived in New Mexico when he was elected governor, and I actually saw him drop by the university many times to meet with folks and speak out about issues. He also kept the budget balanced, supported same-sex rights, and even signed the bill to get rid of the state sales tax on groceries. So I saw a lot of good come out of him and hell, if I had been an actual resident, I would have voted him in as governor the first time in 2002.

Of course there's speculation that he's going to position himself to be a vice presidential candidate, or even run for the US Senate seat being vacated by Pete Domenici. Since he's a popular politician in New Mexico, he could score the seat easily. However, I'm not sure if he would do that, he's still governor until 2010 (he can't run again because of term limits), and perhaps he doesn't want to deal with being a senator since a good part of his political experience has been with the executive branch of government. Still, if the rumors are true that he could be nominated to be the VP candidate, I'd be all for it.

At least it's good to hear that within days after announcing he dropped out he was back to work in New Mexico since the legislative session just started.

Now I really need to think of who to vote for, and it will ultimately come down to what the stands are by the candidates and how much I agree with them. I tried one of those online quizzes (not run by fangirls like on Quizilla) to get an idea of which candidate matched my opinions, and Clinton, Obama, and Edwards all tied at 50%, so that doesn't help :-P They all did match on different things, so I will just have to dig in.

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