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February 28, 2008

Better News

I got a call from JH today after he had his consultation with a surgeon. He was immensely relieved at what he was told. Basically the tonsils have to come out, period. However, unlike what the other doctors had said, the surgery will not be complicated and dangerous. Tonsils come out all the time, it's just that when you have it done as a young kid, you don't remember it.

He will be undergoing another sleep test to see if the adenoids, some mucous membranes, and his uvula have to come out as well. When I talked to my parents about it, they said that it might be best just to get everything out now because it just means one surgery. However, I know it's ultimately between JH and his surgeon on what they do.

So, sometime in the next three months, he'll be undergoing surgery, we're thinking likely in May. I kind of hope it's a bit sooner, and I know he does as well.

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