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February 24, 2008

First Hockey Game

So a friend of mine, Laura, had an extra ticket for todays Caps vs Devils game and asked if I was interested in going. After looking at my schedule, I ultimately decided to go, namely because I have never seen a live hockey game.

The game was great, though the Caps ended up losing, but at least it did go into OT. The game was basically scoreless until the 3rd period, so there was excitement to be had there. I'd go again if I was invited by someone, or I could score a great deal on tickets.

After that, went to dinner with Laura, and her friends Eileen and Jeff. Service was slow this evening at La Tasca, which was very strange because normally they're very fast, even when busy. Who knows, maybe the waitstaff was really shortstaffed that night. Oh well, so dinner ran late, but at least the food was good.

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