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February 13, 2008

Something You Will Never See at Wal-Mart

Today as part of my errands I went to Costco to pick up a few things that I am going to need for tomorrow night. Being that it's winter and there are storms, it's raining outside, and that means that shopping carts taken out and left in the parking lot will get wet. Even after they're brought back under the corral outside, they don't dry immediately, so more often than not, you have a wet cart. It happens, that's how it goes, life goes on.

So I go and grab a cart and head in and show my card to the door greeter. She is there with a roll of paper towels and hands me one so that I can wipe off the handle of my cart and not have to use a sleeve or gloves to do so. That is the first time I have ever seen a retail store do that anywhere, and I appreciated the gesture. I am sure all of the customers who came through today appreciated it as well.

I made sure to write a letter to Costco letting them know how nice it was for them to do this. I have to laugh at the Costco website because it clearly tries to be as friendly as their staff. I mark "other" on the form for why I am writing to corporate, and after clicking to submit, it presents me with a few common FAQs to make sure I didn't miss something before I have to write them. The page started out with "We really want to help you today" or something like that, which was kind of cute.

The best part is corporate paid attention as well, within 35 minutes I had a response from them that they were forwarding it to the store manager, and 11 minutes after that, there was a personal response from the manager. More stores, both online and offline could take a lesson from Costco.

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