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March 12, 2008

What A Great Weekend

This last weekend had to be one of the fullest weekends I have had out with JH, and boy was it fun.

It starts out with seeing the show "Simply Ballroom" in Baltimore. It was a show with dancers showing off various dances on the stage, interspersed with bits from Debbie Reynolds and vocal performances from Anthony Fedorov and Vonzell Solomon (American Idol). The dancers themselves were great, there was a lot to try and pay attention to at times, and it was definitely worth watching them. I have to say that Debbie looks great for 75, especially her legs. A few of her comedy bits went on a bit long, but it was cute. As for the singers, Anthony has a good voice but he has got to put some power behind it. I had trouble understanding him at times because it was more breathy than it should have been. I'm betting if I were to watch any past Idols with him in it, Simon would have had similar comments. Vonzell knew how to put power into her voice.

After the show JH and I went out to Howl At the Moon which is a dueling piano bar in Baltimore. That bar is a blast to hang out in not only for the music, but for the people watching as well. Be sure to get the Jello shots when the girl comes by because they're basically loaded in these big tubes and the girl puts some whipped cream on one end, puts it in your mouth, and pushes the plunger. It was fun to watch her get straight boys to get on their knees to get the Jello shot from her. JH and I agreed that if we were straight, we'd try to fuck her, she was smokin hot.

Saturday afternoon was spent at the annual meeting for GreenBeLT Pride. I was there to finish out my term as VP on the board and to help elect a new board. I have declined to run again as I am pursuing other interests. So we got through the meeting, I hung out a while afterward at dinner before heading up to Harrisburg, PA with JH.

We got to his friend DP's place and took him out for dinner as a thank you for all the times he has let us crash on his couch (which he was letting us do again). We later headed out to Neptune's since it was their leather night. We chatted up various people and it was fun.

Sunday JH, DP, and I headed out on a Sunday drive up to a market to pick up some iced tea among other things. We had lunch at Kaufmann's Restaurant, which consisted of 1/2 a tasty rotisserie chicken, mashed potates and stuffing mixed together with gravy, and salad. We eventually said our goodbyes and headed our way back home. JH took a different route than usual and we drove through historic Gettysburg. I am so going back this summer when it's warmer.

So all in all it was a great weekend, if only due to the number of fun things that were packed into it.

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