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March 12, 2008

Spring Cleaning

For the last month I have been saying I need to clean out my closets. It's part of the changes I have been making over the last year because despite the faults of Joshua, he did get me into the habit of actually going through items and getting rid of stuff that I don't need. I have done pretty well on not going overboard on buying new stuff and trying to get rid of old stuff, but I have also let the organization of some areas fall by the wayside, and it was time for a shakeup. It also did not hurt that I watched this movie last week on folks who are horders and have let clutter take up their lives. If this movie doesn't scare you into organizing your house, then nothing will.

So being as it was my day off, it was a perfect day to get rid of crap from my closets and reorganize. I went through the pantry, linen closet, bedroom closets, and basement storage unit and took a look. I also created a box that was designated as stuff that I was going to give to the church yard sale (or charity in the case of the food).

So I went through all of them and basically cut out a good number of items. A box full of AV and computer cords was cut in half, I got rid of four pairs of pants that had grown too short for me, and I got rid of just a lot of stuff that was taking up space. All in all, about 3 plastic bins have gone to the yard sale, and two bags of food went to charity. I do have a few more items that will go to the yard sale later, including some DVD's that I don't really watch anymore.

Here's examples of my work:

Pantry Before:

Pantry After:

Linen Closet Before:

Linen Closet After:

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