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April 04, 2008

First O's Game

So JH recently decided to buy a partial season package to Baltimore Orioles games, with the first one being this Thursday. Originally we had plans Wednesday night to take a lantern tour of the cherry blossoms in DC, but when I woke up to 25 mph winds outside, I scrapped that plan and suggested dinner and a movie at my place.

I get home, JH gets there, and the first thing he says to me is "Would you be opposed to going to a game tonight?" Apparently he had driven by the stadium and it was dead (as I would later find out, it was the lowest attendance ever in 17 years) so he knew we could get decent seats for a good price. So we drove up to Baltimore, passed by one parking garage that wanted $20 for parking, then found another parking garage two blocks away that had parking for $7. Walked down, got our tickets, and we were set.

So JH gave me a small tour as we got to our seats, we watched the game, enjoyed some ballpark food, in this case Italian sausage sandwiches and some fries, and got to see a good amount of action. The seats were a little off to the right from home plate in the upper deck so we were able to see every pitch and make our own judgments on the calls (JH is a trained umpire so he has an eye for it). It was fun, yet cold, so after a few innings we walked around and he showed me more of the stadium, eventually we headed into the store to look for a hat for myself and he was looking for a jersey.

Now I admit, it took me a while to find a hat, namely because I wanted to make damn sure it was one I wanted and was going to wear. Of course as this goes on, the O's, who were down by 3 came back and scored 6 runs. I caught some hell from JH for it, but whatever, ya know, how were we to expect this would suddenly happen. However, we did catch the 8th and 9th, so it was alright.

So it was a fun time, but only because I got to see the game live. It was a good thing that we went out last night to the game rather than try to make tonight my first O's game, simply because it got rained out. Instead JH and I met up at a local sports bar and had dinner since I was basically on the road to Baltimore when the game was called. Oh well, we get to exchange the tickets from tonight for another game another time.

BTW, I know some of you want an excuse to go to the new Nats Stadium, I'm considering it in July when the Diamondbacks visit, just be warned that you're going to have to put up with someone who will root for the Diamondbacks, and the games start at 4:10, so leaving work early might have to happen. ;-)

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