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April 06, 2008

Taylor Swift = Homophobe?

Has anyone heard Taylor Swift’s new single "Picture to Burn"? I happened to catch it on Surius Hits 1, the song has to do with a breakup gone bad, the way it is written is the typical crap that high school students pull on one another when there’s a breakup and drama behind it. However, my jaw dropped to the floor when I heard these lyrics:

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So go and tell your friends that I’m obsessive and crazy
That’s fine I’ll tell mine you’re gay

I couldn’t believe that this was what I was hearing. I know that it may be a song and it’s all about the drama, but damn, that’s screwed up to sing that you’ll go around telling your friends that your ex-boyfriend is "gay" just because you two broke up. The worst part is that I have known people who have done that kind of thing, and in high school when you're in that awkward stage of trying to fit in and such, words like that can be very destructive.

If Taylor Swift is really condoning that kind of behavior, well then she’s several unprintable derogatory words in my book. You can say I'm being overly sensitive, but before you do, think about your own life, I'm sure somewhere someone spread a false rumor about you just because they were mad at you, and I bet you were pretty upset about it.


  1. o I contact GLAAD who contacted her label - she had since re-issued a new version of the song and video without the homophobic lyric

  2. They may have released a new radio version, but WAMZ in Louisville is still playing the homophobic version. I almost ran off the expressway when I heard the line last week. And it was on Lonnie Shelton's countdown this past weekend. Coyote Calhoun, the chief DJ at WAMZ, said gee whiz mine was the first complaint he'd heard. Of course his station (or Clear Channel bosses) banned the Dixie Chicks for telling the truth about our great president.

  3. ...i doubt shes a homophobe, in highschool and maybe even in college the term "gay" is used frequently. Not for what it really means...over the past decade it's gained an entirely different meaning. Just like how it used to mean happy.

  4. Nope, no homophobia. He's her boyfriend, right? So obviously if she tells her friends that he's gay, it'll embarrass him in that sense, and it'll obviously put of potential girlfriends.

  5. I just heard that horrible line on Pandora. I don't know how to contact Pandora Radio. Taylor Swift can try to explain this lyric away.. but given her affiliation with the country community, which is not exactly known for embracing gays with open arms, I fear that this lyric is indicative of intolerance. At the very least, Taylor Swift is insensitive, and not someone whom I'll support with my "pink" dollars.

  6. I'm absolutely in love with Taylor, and while I can see how some people may find it offensive, you've just got to remember that this is what teenage girls do when they're angry at a guy for breaking up with them. It's not to insult gays, it's (like somebody mentioned) to get revenge and prevent potential girlfriends.
    Take a chill pill.
    lovelovelove. xx

  7. When you're that kinda age guys in particular get really insecure about their sexuality. Perhaps she's saying it cos she knows it'll offend him, not because she personally thinks it's bad? I don't really think it's homophobic :/

  8. I think that she was taking a dig at gay people. It is said in a context, and the message is clear. I don't think she is homophobic, but I am not defending her lyrics, either.

  9. The lyric is definitely homophobic as she is using calling him gay as a threat, as a way to try to hurt him, implying that being gay is bad and that people who are should be ashamed