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April 30, 2008

Getting Better

These past few days at work, things got crazy for me. I had a major deadline for a survey I'm currently developing, the final test for a survey about to go into the field for the first time, and I was receiving "change requests" (reports that the sponsors want us to change something in the survey, includes updates and bug reports) to a current survey and these changes have to be ready for June.

Ultimately I ended up missing the deadline for the developing survey and the change requests were pushed back for the June survey. The reason for that was because during the final test, there were some issues that came up and of course they have to be examined, priority designed, and ultimately a work-around or fix must be developed if it is a showstopper. As it was, my boss flat out said to me, "You do not work on any other surveys but this one, it takes priority." So of course that has put other things back.

However, as of today, I am nearly caught back up to where I should be. I did complete the tasks for the developing survey and put it on our testing platform for the sponsors to test, and the other survey will be ready to go tomorrow morning for internal testing.

I bitched quite a bit about all of this going on in this blog and to JH, but honestly, I find that when the heat is on, it's when I can be at my best at times. My boss has been rather impressed that with the issues that came up during the final test, I was able to diagnose them quickly and come up with solutions. He still feels confident that we have put a good product out and that these problems that have appeared are problems that only happen in extreme cases, and most of them will go away. There is one that looks like it's a bug in the software itself, so of course we'll have to file our own bug report with the developer, but that's what happens when you're working with the newest versions.

After this week is over, the stress goes back down, and then I can just watch and see. Thank god for people like JH in my life for putting up with it, and for taking me out of town this past weekend, I needed the relaxation.

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