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May 18, 2008

A Great Saturday

Yesterday had to be one of the best Saturdays I ever had.

My day started off with heading down to the National Cathedral to watch a few friends of mine get confirmed or received as Episcopalians. Earlier in the week Connie had called me because the diocese was looking for someone from St. Georges to read one of the lessons. I jumped at the chance because I considered it an honor.

So I got there and went through the procession, when it came to my turn to read I got up there and did the reading with no sweat. As one of my friends would later remark, I made it look like I was unfazed by the fact that I was reading in front of well over a thousand people. To tell you the truth, I didn't really think about that, I have no problem with getting up in front of folks to do any sort of presentation or speech.

So my friends were confirmed, and like last year, it reminds me of why I like going to St. Georges, we are a very supportive bunch. When I was confirmed last year, I pretty much thought I was going to be alone except for the other confirmands when receiving the blessing because I didn't have family with me (I made a royal screwup and forgot to tell a nearby relative I was going *head down in shame*) and yet some of the other members came up there and were with me as I received the blessing. That's why I like being around them, they're true friends.

After the service, I went out with a few folks to the Buca di Beppo in Dupont Circle and we enjoyed some great Italian food. One of the funniest moments of the day came when we were telling some people about where it was located so that we could find our way down and this woman says "Oh isn't that by the Royal Palace strip club?" I died laughing because she was the last person I ever expected to say something like that; her husband got a kick out of it as well.

Anyway, so after all that, I raced home, grabbed some clothes, and then headed up to Pasadena to meet JH so we could go watch the Orioles take on the Nats. The seats were pretty good, we had outfield bleacher seats that night so we were in prime home run ball territory. Unfortunately no home runs came our way.

The Orioles won 6-5, but we almost thought there was going to be a loss after the events of the 8th inning. We were leading 6-2 and then the pitching just fell apart for a while there so it ended up being bases loaded and stuck at 2 outs so suddenly it was 6-5. Thankfully they brought our Sherill, and he struck out the next batter to end the inning and eventually end the game in the 9th.

After that, JH and I went and had a drink at the Hippo, which enabled me to continue a discussion I had been having with my friend Dan about why the Baltimore gay scene is better than DC's. In this case, it would have to do with beer. WTF is this world coming to when you can't find Guinness or even Yuengling in many of the gay bars in DC? Not only did the Hippo have Guinness, they had it on draft, bitches.

Anyway, so after that it was time to head home, except that a run to the Rite Aid had to be made because the potential sinus infection that I was fighting decided to rear it's ugly head and basically put me in pain from my forehead down to the top of my jaw. Poor JH, he had to put up with me being a bit bitchy for a while there. At least after I got my hands on the sinus headache medicine, I slept pretty well that night.

So it was a very good day yesterday and I hope to have many more like it, minus the sinus crap ;-)

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  1. a bit bitchy?

    Honey, you're ALWAYS bitchy.