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May 29, 2008

Memorial Day Weekend

Memorial Day weekend was somewhat quiet, at least until Saturday afternoon. I spent Saturday morning taking care of stuff around the house before I drove up first to Pasadena to pick up some work pants that JH had forgotten, then to Baltimore to where JH works. He was the on-call manager this weekend so it meant he was staying at the hotel and dealing with any sort of shenanigans that customers were going to pull on him (Note to JH: Customers Suck! ). We did manage to have dinner together over at Meli, including excellent salmon for an appetizer and an awesome chocolate almond mousse with raspberry and ganache.

I hung out with JH for a while before heading up to our room and taking a nice long bath. Afterward JH joined me and we went and got some gelato down the street (spicy chocolate and strawberries and cream for me). Eventually we headed in for bed; thankfully this time around there were no phone calls in the middle of the night.

Sunday morning after JH got off to work I had breakfast downstairs, got packed up, then used the time to walk around Fells Point and a bunch of lower Baltimore just to see what all was there. The next time I go I'm bringing a camera, that's for sure. I dropped into a local store and ended up picking up the Porky's trilogy, along with Shaun of the Dead. A little after 1 I called my friends Dan and Rob since I had been invited to a BBQ at their place and since it was basically starting "in the afternoon" I wanted to be sure I wasn't going to drop in unexpectedly.

I headed up to their place and we chilled for a bit having a few beers and shooting the shit before other folks showed up as well. There was a good amount of time for socializing before some folks went off to play D&D while the rest of us watched TV. By the end of the evening, I watched Transformers: The Movie, Clue, Episode Zero of PGSM, and some of Dr. Who as well. I got to meet some great people as well and as usual, I had a blast, including playing with the dog. His favorite game with me now is to play keep away with one of his toys and to try and hide, then when I get close he'll growl and snarl at me before running away from me as I try to grab for the toy.

Most of us ended up leaving after midnight (that's when the D&D game ended) so it was a long trip home for me, but so well worth it.

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