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May 28, 2008

It happens

It's a fact of life that things are not always going to be perfect, but damn if I can't try to keep it that way. Still, sometimes you have your moments where things potentially go wrong if only to serve the purpose of being a wakeup call in some ways.

May has been a bit of a rough month for me for a lot of reasons, and I chose the wrong person to take it out on. JH and I ended up having a serious discussion last Tuesday night about it where he called me out on some bad behavior, and by the end of the night it came down to taking a moment to step back and let cooler heads prevail.

Wednesday was my day off and I used that day to put a lot of things into perspective. I also did things that were far overdue, are finally done, and do not have to be done again. By Thursday JH and I basically had a chat about what was going on. I was honest and straightforward about what was going on and so was he, and by the end things were better than they had been before.

Is it any wonder as to why I love this man, even when things aren't always going right we can both step back, take a breath, and then get through it like two rational adults should? I know we both turned to friends for some advice (you know who you are) but at least we were willing to listen to them and to one another.

So life goes on, and it's only getting better. Thankfully a lot of crap has calmed down.

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