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May 16, 2008

Two Wheels Instead of Four

One of my goals is to exercise more. I'm at a decent weight, but the body fat could stand to be less, and quite frankly, who wouldn't want to be toned up?

Last September when I moved into my place, I actually had done a dry run of riding to the Metro station from my apartment, and to my surprise it was possible. However, with the cold weather coming on, that idea was put on the backburner. I'd rather be warm and dry on the bus than out there in the elements ;-)

However, with summer coming on, there was really no excuse not to ride. Add on that I dropped a good chunk of change to refurbish my bike and I want to get my money's worth, it was time to put it all to use. I finally moved past my self-sabotage this past Wednesday and started riding my bike to Metro and back. The way I see it, unless it's pouring outside, I'm going to be on the bike until at least fall, then I'll re-evaluate my options.

The ride itself is fine, it's mostly over sidewalk and bike lanes, the only two snags in the equation are crossing Kenilworth Ave, and Cherrywood Lane. At least Kenilworth has a crosswalk light; Cherrywood I am more at risk because it's crossing the road on a curve, and you know how some people can be when they're in a rush to get to work or get home. Still, I'm getting some great exercise out of it, and it doesn't take much longer than taking the bus. The best part is not having to wait for the buses.

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