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May 21, 2008

The Wii Is Down

The other night as I fired up Super Smash Bros Brawl, I noticed that my Wii started making a buzzing noise while playing the disk. Well I thought the disc might have been bad, but then I started trying other discs, and they're making the same buzz as well.

Research on the Internet indicates that it's an issue with the screws that hold the drive together being too tight, so it puts some pressure on the discs and causes the buzz. Sure, I could fix it myself as others have demonstrated on YouTube:

However, it's still under warranty thanks to registering my Wii. Therefore, I've called Nintendo, and they've E-mailed me a shipping label.

It figures that this happens right after I just placed a major order for games, by next week I should have been all over the place on Mario Kart and kicking some ass at Guitar Hero, but those will just have to wait.

Thankfully I still have my DS and my 'cube, and if I get desperate, there's still a working NES and SNES downstairs that I could bring up ;-)

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